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From passion to business

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Finally, I have been getting my backside into gear! Lockdown has been terrible for so many, but in all the chaos it has given me a chance to pause, a chance to paint, and a chance to take a risk on my dream.

So this is a little introduction, to well, me! A chance for you to see behind the glossy artist shop front and peek at my weird and eccentric self. People frequently tell me I’m a little crazy and I can’t help but agree with them.  I mean if I am crazy, at least my art will be worth more.  I also keep threatening to people that I will cut my ear off like Vincent van Gogh and then my art will triple in value.  Ha!... I also like to think I am funny.

So what poor unfortunate soul has decided they can put up with me full time.  Well that would be my wonderful partner Sam, he keeps an eye on me and my crazy ideas.  He is always chilled and reminds me often that everything will be alright.  Sam holds me together and I don’t know what I would do without him.  The other unfortunate occupant of the house is Minnie, a rocket pocket of energy, a working cocker spaniel which explains it all.  She keeps me active and reminds me to face everyday with joy.  Together we all enjoy an active life style; we love hiking, exploring, kayaking (Minnie included!) and climbing (Minnie not included).

When we are not out and about, I love to paint.  I always have done.  I grew up with an incredible family consisting of Mum, Dad, an older sister, Christina (who always knew best) and an older brother, Peter (who helped me get into the trouble Christina had warned us not to do). We were all lucky to live in California for 4 years between 2004-2008. For 3 years I had art every year in school, after I passed my first year my teacher would let me work on whatever painting project I wanted as long as I was there and I was busy.   So as you can imagine I just painted and painted and painted.  But as I grew up, I realised painting isn't going to pay the bills; most people would be shoe horned into a boring professional career of some sort.  Well, I can safely say this still wasn't me, I wanted to be a zoo keeper, I mean who doesn't! I worked as a zoo keeper from 2010 until 2014 at Studley Grange Butterfly World and Longleat Safari Park.  From 2014 until present I have been a cleaner, kitchen assistant, canine career, nature ranger, an elf (yep you heard that correctly!) and currently I do admin (yawn!).  But I do admin as a civil servant working for the Royal Navy so that makes that job much cooler than it originally sounds. While I have always worked full time I’ve have always found some spare time to paint.  I’ve recently realised now is the time for me to turn my art passion into a business.

That’s a very brief introduction to me, hopefully you feel you know me a bit better.  I'm hoping to write a blog once at least every 3 months, to update you all on things I’ve been up to as well as random things about me.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog.  Thank you for being interested in me and thank you for your support. Please join me on this crazy journey to success. 

You've got to believe it to achieve it, right?


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