‘Jackie & Peaches’ is in memory of two cheeky Humboldt penguins who loved life at Longleat Safari Park.  Both full of character and joy, they are still sorely missed by keepers today. 

‘Jackie & Peaches’ reminds us all to make time for friends and family today, whether they be human or covered in fur or feathers! 



The perfect card and good for the earth too...


These cards are made using Matte Recycled 350gsm card stock.  The recycled 350gsm is an uncoated, silky smooth card made using 100% recycled post consumer waste.  As it is 100% recycled card stock, each card has a unique varied speckling adding character to each individual card. 


I am extremely proud that this card is FSC Certified and 100% recyclable.  You can recycle the card, envelope and the protective card wrap!  





'Jackie & Peaches' Humboldt Penguin Greeting Card

  • The card is blank inside allowing you to write your own personal message for any occasion.


    Each card comes with a brown Kraft ribbed envelope and protective card wraps. So it can be kept pristine until you need it.  


    Cards are a standard 7x5inch size. 


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