The story of Lucy Shapland Art

Welcome, I am so happy to have you here.  

My name is Lucy and I am 28 year old self-taught artist who currently lives in Dorset, with my partner Sam and my nutter of a cocker spaniel, Minnie. 

My passion for art and animals goes back as long as I can remember.  I studied Animal Science and became a Zoo Keeper at Longleat Safari Park.   In 2014, due to a change in my career I suddenly had all the time in the world to combine my love for art with my love for animals.  Through the incredible support and encouragement of family and friends, I have completed regular commissions and artworks since.  

From 2014-2017 I solely worked with acrylics; however, in 2017, I was commissioned by my mother to complete a tigress in watercolour (which is now available as a print and greeting card!).   Without a clue what I was doing, I stumbled into the world of watercolour and loved it.  Mothers know best, eh!

In Feb 2018 one of my watercolour pieces of an adorable white rhino ‘Contemplation’ was selected and exhibited in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2018 competition.  I was beside myself with excitement as my artwork was exhibited and sold in The Mall Gallery in London.  Mind blown.  That was it, I realised I am an artist.  

In Oct 2019, I realised what I really wanted in life was to paint more and work a full-time job less. I became fast friends with an incredible amateur photographer and photo editor Clare Wigfield who is another budding entrepreneur.  Together we started the journey to motivate one another and turn our passions into careers.  The hard work had begun.   

In Nov 2019, through pure coincidence, Sam’s father, Richard, put me in contact with a woman who could help me progress my art, Carole Cuneo.  Carole is the daughter of world-renowned artist Terence Cuneo and curator of his work, although trust me, there is much more I could add to Carole’s list.  During my first meeting, Carole took me to Bowridge gallery and helped me get some wall space for my first collection for the new year; unforeseeably this has been disturbed by the tragedy of COVID-19.   However, this is only the beginning.

So here we are June 2020 at the launch of Lucy Shapland Art showcasing my art, prints and greetings cards.  It is only right I thank the most important people in my life, whom without their support and encouragement Lucy Shapland Art would not be a reality.  Thank you to my partner Sam who has encouraged, supported and helped me through the stress and the tears of non-belief.  Thank you to my own family and Sam’s family whose relentless support, encouragement and belief has motivated me.  Thank you to Carole for organising my first own exhibition space and making me believe in myself.  Thank you to Clare who did the majority (maybe all) of the legwork to find all the printers and suppliers I use; and has all round inspired me to keep pushing.  Finally, a thank you to you, for reading, for looking, for buying, for spreading the word and for driving me to pursue this dream of mine and joining me along for the ride.

For more stories and regular updates from me – Read the Lucy Shapland Art blog.